Top 5 Best Welding Pliers – Review 2021

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As I always say to my buddy, top welding pliers are welding tools no professional welder should be missing.

Why? Well, I will show you what tasks you can do with welding pliers – sometimes also called welper – and give you a list of the best welding pliers.

So let’s begin. As you certainly know, professional pliers are a versatile tool, because they can do multiple jobs:

Typical tasks that can be done with welding pliers

These tools for welding are designed to fulfill multiple jobs. Usually, you can do the following with a good pair of welding pliers:

  • Remove weld spatter inside and outside the nozzle
  • Remove weld spatter from your workpiece
  • Use it as a slag hammer to remove the slag when stick welding
  • Remove and install your MIG welding tip
  • Draw out the wire and cut it

Moreover, most of them are spring loaded and come with an ergonomic grip, which makes it even more comfortable to open and close when wearing gloves.

Please see my list below and compare the top welding pliers on the market.

Channellock 360 welder’s pliers

I believe Channellock must be one of the oldest companies in our country. Founded back in 1886, Channellock is a USA located manufacturer of high-quality pliers and assorted hand tools. Thus, Channellock’s 360 welding pliers are excellent pliers made in the USA.

Explicitly designed for welders, this is a good quality plier which is easy to use.

In addition, please take a look at the following review video of the Channellock 360 welding pliers:

Excellent pliers made in the USA

The Channellock 360 pliers are spring loaded and have a cutting edge. Remove spatters with the tip. Grip and draw out the wire. Hammer with the hammer ends on the side of the pliers. Easy tip installation possible.

The hole behind the grips is for removing and installing the hot MIG nozzle. The Channellock pliers are my personal favorites.

Channellock 360 Welder's Pliers

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Lincoln Electric K4014-1 MIG multi-function welding pliers

As an experienced welder, you probably know Lincoln Electric. They produce some excellent pieces of welding equipment. And so are these welding pliers.

Definitely one of the pliers that are helpful to have around the shop.

Install your nozzle, remove the tip, cut wires and hammer your slag with this welper.

Although made in China the quality of these pair of pliers is remarkable. Please take a look at the following review video to get an impression of the pliers.

Lincoln Electric K4014-1 MIG Multi-Function Welding Pliers

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Hobart 770150 MIG multi-function welding pliers

Hobart is another company that manufactures top products for welders.

Top welding pliersThus, the Hobart 770150 pliers have a lot of functionality integrated: Top size can be used to clean out the welding nozzle, and the grip can be used to hold hot pieces of metal.

Both sides of the pliers have flat sides for hammering. You can cut and draw out the wire. Moreover, the Hobart welding pliers make it easy to remove spatter in and outside the nozzle.

Furthermore, the hole between the grips is for removal and installation of the nozzle. The smaller hole is for removing and installing the tip. Also, behind the small hole, there is a wire cutter.

Now, please check out the Hobart MIG welding pliers review video below:

Hobart 770150 MIG Multi-Function Welding Pliers

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Capri Tools locking welding clamp

Capri Tools is a manufacturer of precision hand tools. If you are looking for something to clamp your workpiece, you could use these 3 different locking clamps to secure metal parts from moving.

It’s easy like this: Attach the clamp, and you can be sure to finish your weld job with all parts in the right place.

The package includes an 11″ C-clamp, the 10″ sheet metal clamp and a 10″ general welding clamp. All clamps are adjustable in pressure, and hardened steel jaws provide longevity.

Capri Tools Locking Welding Clamp, 3 Pieces

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Eastwood MIG welding pliers

Another manufacturer of MIG welding pliers is Eastwood.

Eastwood’s welding pliers provide a built-in wire cutter, comfortable rubberized handle and make it easy to remove spatter. Remove slag with the hammer on the side. Loosen contact tips, remove and install nozzle with this multi-tool.

Conclusion: As already mentioned above, I like the Channellock pliers most because they provide maximum versatility and high quality.

If you would like to share your experience with your welding pliers, please leave a comment below.


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