Cheap CNC Controller for your CNC machine

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In case you are looking for a cheap CNC controller for your CNC machine, will help you out. With a good CNC controller you can build any automated machine you desire. For example you can automate your Proxxon MF70 milling machine or your scientific microscope.

cheap cnc controller

cheap cnc controller

You have different options to get a real cheap CNC controller. Check out the open source Arduino Microcontroller, our DIY CNC controller schematics or cheap CNC controller boards on the market. Please take a look at the following options:

Arduino Microcontroller & GRBL software

Stepper Motor

Control your stepper with Arduino & GRBL

Among many makers in the maker scene, however, many builders are now using a CNC controller with Arduino and the GRBL software.

Popular CNC machines for hobby and model making often require a PC with parallel port or USB port to control. The computer sends the control signals to the CNC machine via the connected cable. With Arduino & GRBL you even could use the Arduino to do the whole job.

GRBL is an open source software that converts G-code and can convert it directly into control commands for the CNC power amplifiers. The Arduino is also an open source developer board. For the control of the CNC axes there are already suitable CNC shields (additional boards for the Arduino) available from various dealers.

2D contours are absolutely no problem for GRBL. For complex 3D surface contours, conventional tools should be used, since the computing power of an Arduino is limited.

But why would you want to build an Arduino controlled CNC machine anyway?

Well, there are more than 6 reasons to choose an Arduino as a replacement for the PC:

  1. You need a small, compact, portable controller.
  2. Eventually you don’t want to waste the sparse space in your apartment for an old PC with parallel connection.
  3. You would like to have a customizable custom control written in C.
  4. In you opinion in would be good to have access to the source code of the control of your CNC machine.
  5. You want to build a self-sufficient machine that simply runs a preset program at the push of a button.
  6. Maybe it is an advantage that GRBL and Arduino works via USB / UART

Arduino CNC Shield V3.51 - GRBL v0.9 compatible - Uses Pololu Drivers

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Cheap CNC Controller made yourself: L297 / L298 schematics

A very basic and simple stepper motor controller is based on the two ICs (IC=integrated circuit) named L297 and L298. I created the following schematics for you. Of course you will need to create the PCB and have a soldering station in order to make this.

Check out the L297 & L298 controller datasheets on the manufacturer sites:

ST Microelectronics – L297

ST Microelectronics – L298

Circuit Plan for L297/L298 controller

Schematics for L297/L298 controller

On the left side is the voltage stabilization for the 5V logic voltage. The IC L297 is centered and the L298 on the right side. 1 bipolar stepper motor can be connected to this board.

(Note: bipolar control is usually at stepper motors with 4,6 or 8 connection cables possible)

Weller WLC100 40-Watt Soldering Station

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Sainsmart CNC Micro-Stepping Driver Board

Also very popular among hobbyists is the the Sainsmart stepper driver board.

SainSmart CNC Micro-Stepping Stepper Motor Driver 2M542 Bi-polar 2phase 4.2A Switch

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SainSmart 4 Axis CNC controller board

If you need more than 1 axis you could also consider Sainsmarts 4 axis breakout board.

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SainSmart 4 Axis Mach3 USB CNC Motion Controller Card Interface Breakout Board

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