Knee Pads for Work and Sports

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Are you looking for good knee pads for work? Several persons have wounded their knees no less than once in their lives.

These people are very aware how aching and sore such types of injuries can get.

Of course, there are knee pads that can help you out if you have such kind of injuries.

Let’s take a look at our top list below:

NoCry professional heavy-duty knee pads

Thanks to the affordable price and the provided quality, these heavy-duty knee pads distributed by NoCry are one of the best-selling protection pads online.

This piece of advanced knee protection comes with a hard plastic shield that has foam and gel cushioning behind. According to the manufacturer the NoCry gel knee pads are EN14404 certified, have safety certification and are safe to use for work on wood floors and other surfaces.

Whether you do construction work, are in the gardening sector or do own a carpentry, the NoCry pads are a product you should take a closer look at.

NoCry Professional Knee Pads with Heavy Duty Foam Padding and Comfortable Gel Cushion, Strong Double Straps and Adjustable Easy-Fix Clips

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KP Industries Knee-Pro III Ultra Flexx

Also one of the top sellers, These knee-pads distributed by KP Industries Inc. come in four different colors: Black, OD Green, Coyote Tan and Foilage.

Suited for flooring, gardening, carpentry, industrial, roofing, plumbing and more, these knee pads are the third generation in the Ultra Flex Knee Pro line. The outer shells are made of flexible plastic which is very strong and comfortable. Additional speed clips allow quick removal and attachment to your knees. The bands are attached below and above the knee joint, so no strap will be behind your knee.

KP Industries Knee Pro Ultra Flex III Knee Pads (OD Green)

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DEWALT DG5224 heavy-duty flooring kneepads

DEWALT, founded back in 1924 is a professional manufacturer of tools and equipment. The DG5224 are heavy-duty flooring kneepads that have a neoprene fabric liner and comfortable closed-cell foam padding.

Thanks to the slip-buckle fastener system you can quickly put them on and off. Because these knee-pads have a textured PVC outer shell, they are ideal for flooring work on hardwood.

Please check out DEWALTS product information video below for further information:

DEWALT DG5224 Heavy-duty Flooring Kneepads

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Alta 50420 AltaFLEX NOMAR knee protector pad

This pair of knee pads, made by Alta Industries, known for its military-grade tactical knee pads has a long rubber cap that reduces marring and gives traction. It is specially designed for work on hardware and tile floors. Thanks to the dual strap system it is adjustable to fit most knee sizes.

ALTA 50420 AltaFLEX NOMAR Knee Protector Pad, Black Cordura Nylon Fabric, AltaGrip Fastening, Flexible Cap, Long, Beige (One Pair)

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Grandcow knee pads for work

Very comfortable and affordable knee pads to protect your knees while gardening, dancing, floor cleaning, construction work and even for volleyball or basketball.

One piece design with integrated airsoft technology provides that provides further impact resistance.

Knee Pads for volleyball Work Construction Gardening Cleaning and Dance dancing Knee Protective Pad Protection for adult Youth kids women...

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What are knee pads?

Grinder with knee pads

Knee Pads

Knee pads serve as a protective work clothing to assist in averting you from harming the knee or even otherwise damaging it. The pads safeguard your knees consequently.

Thus, if you injure the knees badly the harm to the knee is lighter and you can live or stay with no knee pain for a longer time.

The pads are therefore great as they are designed in that way, that they can withstand a significant shock amount lessening the strain that your knees received and thus causing the outcomes of the damage less severe.

Why should you care for your knees?

Of course, your knees are one of the most significant parts of your body. And even if you are not aware of it, they are what hold ups your body weight and permits you to move around.

Thus by caring for your knees, you guard the ability to move contentedly, jump run even stand up or comfortably sit down.

Protect yourself with pads

It is so vital to protect yourself comprehensively at work, mainly if you are working in an environment that can cause you long-standing injuries. An excellent way to guard yourself, is to wear adequate protective gear.

There are numerous protective kits such as helmets, welding safety goggles, gloves and a lot of others. Of course in this article we only focus on the most excellent knee pads that you can get on the market.

The pads should be a central part of your everyday work activities.

The knee structure

The knees are the biggest and the most intricate joint in our body. A knee consists of bones, menisci, cartilages, ligaments, tendons, muscles, joint capsule, bursae and many more other parts that connect the shin bone (tibia) and the compact bone (femur).

The knee joint has four bones – femur offers the possibility of jumping and walking, tibia puts up with the load, fibula guarantees surface for shin muscles to be fastened to the patella covers and therefore guards the frontal face of the knee joint.

All of the bones are enclosed with cartilage which diminishes the rubbing forces between bones throughout their movements. Every knee joint has two menisci, that is, lateral and medial. In combination with menisci, they guarantee shock absorbing between the tibia and the femur, correcting weight allocation between the two bones.

The knee has four different types of ligaments –MCL, LCL, ACL and PCL and all of them give steadiness of the knee.

Prevent knee pain

knee pain

knee pain

It is essential for every worker to avoid knee pain. If you are working on the ground, you know how much it aches when you knee on chisels.

One of the ways to avoid knee pain is enough rest of your joints, or else you can overdo them, rooting diseases and even injuries. Always bear in mind to have enough sleep which aids to restore your body after work-related errands and get it ready for new duties.

It is important to sustain a healthy weight, as surplus weight puts the pressure on knee joints, promoting breaking down of cartilages.

At any time it is possible, apply ice or heat applications on the joints which facilitate to diminish inflammation and exhaustion.

How to select a knee pad for work?

Selecting the right knee pad for knee pain is a grumble amid the majority, if not all, workers. There are a lot of ways to lessen knee pain. A knee pad does not only make your work more comfortable but also avoid any severe damage.

When deciding on the suitable knee pad for your task, I’d recommend you to take a closer look at the following product properties: price, toughness of the material for long-drawn-out use and impact resistance.


When you are looking for a knee pad of any type there are a variety of alternatives.

Correct knee safety will make your work easier and prevent lasting knee harm. You will certainly agree, that professional work clothes help to avoid any unnecessary injuries.

Image Credits: Pixabay / Voltamax

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