Miller 211 vs Lincoln 180 welder – Review 2018

MIG welder

MIG welder

The Miller 211 vs Lincoln 180 question is often asked when people look for a solid MIG welder.

Welders are among the best machines that many contractors have utilized when dealing with materials such as metals.

However, many people are left wondering which machine to select when it comes to Miller 211 vs Lincoln 180. Which one is the better welding machine?

No need to panic. There are numerous factors to look at when making the decision.

Perhaps you’ll want to compare the two as described below.

Lincoln 180

The Lincoln 180 has proven to be a good unit when it comes to welding activities.

The Lincoln 180 allows you to weld up to 3/16 inch as long as you can access the industrial 220v or 230v power.

The welder can be convenient for any welding activities at home, auto, light fabrication or even farm projects. In addition, Lincoln 180 comes with a 180 Amps regulator and a gas hose.

Of course, you’ll require a shielding gas when welding. Hence, Lincoln 180 comes with the Lincoln Electric Magnum spool gun.

Features of Lincoln 180

  • The Diamond Core Technology: The Lincoln 180 is able to deliver a forgiving arc, superior out-of-position arc action, lower spatter and a wide voltage spot at a particular feed speed for stainless-steel, aluminum, and steel.
  • Industrial Cast Aluminum Drive- The Lincoln 180 has dual gear-driven drive rolls to provide positive traction. The split wire guides ensure optimum wire configuration and a brass-gun connection that will facilitate critical conductivity. The welder has a large industrial closed-design drive motor that facilitates and improves torque alongside enhancing trouble-free performance.
  • Ready Spool Gun- You’ll only need to remove the MIG gun and plug in the Magnum PRO 100SG spool gun for improved aluminum-wire feeding performance.
  • Tough PC board protection- This board seals sensitive components from the environment. It is trayed in a tough plastic to add rigidity and shock resistance.
Lincoln 180 PROS:
  • It includes a cast aluminum body with tough drive that helps in wire alignment.
  • Lincoln 180 ensures enhanced conductivity with the brass-to-brass gun connection.
  • Lincoln 180 has been proven for reducing wire crushing and tangling as it comes with an adjustable drive system.
  • When using this welder, one is able to make pretty decent welds within a short time. Hence, learners will find it a great welder to start with.

  • Adjusting the settings needs some experience.
  • Although reasonable, the price is pretty high.

Lincoln Electric Easy MIG 180 Flux-Core/MIG Welder

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Miller 211

The Miller 211 is another welder that is pretty much helpful and comes with numerous advantage.

Making it one of the best welders in the market.

The Miller 211 is able to protect internal components from damage by extending the contact tip life.

It comes with amazing features that are all aimed at making set up easier and faster.

Please read also our complete Review on the Miller Millermatic 211.

Features of Miller 211

• Advanced Auto-Set: Advanced Auto-Set now includes five different wire/gas combination and 0.024, 0.030 and 0.035 inch wires. This makes it the easiest welder to use alongside more versatile.
• Inverter Technology: This technology combines best-in-class arc characteristics with the portability of a 38-pound machine. The arc is extremely forgiving to variations in arc length and travel speeds.
• Quick Select Drive Roll: The quick Select drive roll makes the setup fast by providing three grooves- two for varying size solid wire and the third for flux-cored wire.
• Auto Spool Gun Detect: This automatically detects where a MIG gun or even a spool gun is connected, therefore eliminating the need for a switch.
Pros of Miller 211

Lincoln 180 PROS:
  • Without using any tools, and by simply choosing the plug that fits receptacle, one can easily connect to common 120 or 203 v power receptacles.
  • Unlike Lincoln 180, this welder is considered to be the best-starting machine in the small MIG machine category since it comes with a smooth-start patented technology that delivers a spatter-free and smooth start.
  • Unlike Lincoln 180, this unit gives you the option to start welding with the exact parameters you need by simply dialing in the thickness of what you are welding.

  • Price

MIG Welder, 120/240VAC, 1 Phase

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Miller 211 vs Lincoln 180 – Summary

If you can’t afford the Millermatic 211 I’d recommend you to go with the Lincoln 180. However if price does not matter, the Miller 211 has some advanced features like the auto-set mode that are really worth the higher price.

If you are not convinced yet, you can also check out our complete review on the top MIG welders or our Hobart 140 vs Lincoln 140 comparison.

Last update was on: October 6, 2018 10:25 pm

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