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Proxxon MF70 Review 2019

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Check out this Proxxon MF70 review. Find out why the the Proxxon MF70 is so popular among model makers and DIY people.

What are the ideal areas of application for this small milling machine? What precision and materials can be machined with the MF70 micro milling machine? Read on now to find out everything about the little all-rounder!

Proxxon MF70 CNC machine – Use Cases

Proxxon MF70

Proxxon MF70

The Proxxon MF 70 is a small milling machine suitable for light milling jobs. Proxxon is an established manufacturer of machine tools with headquarters in Luxembourg.

This entry-level machine from Proxxon is especially recommended for beginners, hobby milling cutters and model builders who only want to machine small and relatively simple workpieces.

The small milling machine is well suited for the easy processing of wood, aluminium, plastic and GRP.

Typical areas of application for the Proxxon milling machine are engraving of jewellery, milling door bell signs or also the milling of printed circuit boards.

The precision of aluminium milling is approx. 0.1 mm, depending on the feed speed and cutting depth.

However, professional users and industrial companies who normally want to machine steel with maximum accuracy and cutting speed and at the same time require precision in the 1/100 range should lower their high demands on this comparatively inexpensive machine.

Design of the Proxxon MF70

The Proxxon milling machine has a stable machine base made of grey cast iron. With the help of the drill holes provided in the machine foot, you can simply screw the milling cutter to your workbench. This is also recommended to minimize vibrations and prevent slipping during work.

The cross table is attached to the machine base. This consists of the two guide axes for axis infeed in the clamping plane. The cross table and the guides are made of high-strength aluminium.

It is also nice that the dovetail guides are adjustable. It is quite normal that the guides wear out a little bit over time and then a play in the guide is established. The guide wobbles and this is bad for the machining accuracy.

By adjusting the adjustment screws on the guides, you can compensate for this and keep the guides free of play at all times.

The traverse path of the X and Y axes and the Z axis (high axis) can be set manually using the handwheels. The scale division at the handwheels is 0.05 mm. The scale ring on the handwheels can be easily zeroed by turning.

Proxxon MF70 Review – Technical Specifications

  • Power supply 110 to 120-Volt AC, 60 HZ
  • Power consumption 100 W
  • Spindle speed adjustable from 5000 to 20000 rpm
  • External dimensions 130 x 225 x 370 mm
  • Travel X=134 mm (crosswise), Y=46 mm, Z=80 mm
  • Total weight of the machine is about 7kg.


Proxxon 37110 Micro Mill MF 70

Last price update as of May 9, 2019 3:30 am PST *Affiliate Disclosure / More Information
$381.93 $398.00

Further information and experience reports on the MF 70 can also be found in the Homeshopmachinist forum:

Spindle and Electronics

The machine can be easily connected to your normal household 110 V socket.

In addition to the switch-on button, the milling machine also has a speed regulator for infinitely variable spindle speed adjustment. The speed of the milling spindle can be set from 5000 to 20000 rpm.

Depending on the cutter diameter and material you need a different speed.

Possibility to convert to CNC

On the Internet there are also various kits and instructions for converting the Proxxon MF 70 to CNC operation with Nema 17 and Nema 23 stepper motors. Add a cheap CNC controller board and you have a fully automated Proxxon CNC milling machine to mill even more complex parts.

If you are looking for CNC machine kits you can also check out our top CNC milling machine kits here.

Further Accessories of the Proxxon Micro Milling Machine MF 70

As an accessory, it is advisable to buy professional and high-quality milling cutters.

With inferior milling cutters you will only have troubles later on, because they cut too poorly and wear out too fast.

The scope of delivery usually includes the simple Proxxon Micromot clamps. Furthermore, the Proxxon PM 40 machine vice is also available to fit the milling machine, so that your workpieces can be clamped more easily and quickly.

The Proxxon dividing head can also be used to simply mill circular contours, holes on a bolt circle and segments.

In any case, parallel supports should also be obtained so that the workpiece can be clamped as plane-parallel as possible to the machine table.

Proxxon milling machine MF70 – Verdict

At a price of about USD430 the Proxxon MF70 has an astonishingly good price/performance ratio. If you have small and simple tasks to do for the model building and only a small budget is available to you, you should have a look at this machine.

The usual achievable accuracy for milling with the Proxxon MF70 is in the 0.1 mm range. But remember that you have to be patient when machining with this machine. Please don’t hesitate to tell us your thoughts about this Proxxon MF70 review and write a comment below.

Proxxon 37110 Micro Mill MF 70

Last price update as of May 9, 2019 3:30 am PST *Affiliate Disclosure / More Information
$381.93 $398.00

Image Credits: Proxxon

8 Total Score
Proxxon MF70

The Proxxon MF70 is a solid entry level mill for beginners and hobbyists.

  • Price
  • Easy to use
  • Limited power
  • Limited workpiece sizes
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