Top Stick, MIG and TIG Leather Welding Gloves – Review 2021

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worn welding gloves

Welding gloves

In this article we will present some of the best Stick, MIG and TIG welding gloves. We explain, how welding gloves improve safety and performance for the Industry.

Moreover, find information about how to choose the right welding gloves and glove material for each process.

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5 Top gloves for TIG welding

Forney 55209 welding gloves

The Forney 55209 welding gloves are well-designed kidskin gloves that provide good dexterity and durability.

Forney 55209 TIG Welding Gloves, Large, Cream and Rust

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Lincoln Electric K2981 TIG welding gloves

The K2981 TIG welding gloves are black & white Goatskin gloves with additional cowhide cuff for further heat protection. Moreover, this product is sewn with Kevlar threads for reliable high strength sewing.

On the downside, white colored gloves tend to get dirty quickly.

Lincoln Electric K2981-L TIG Welding Gloves, Goatskin Leather, Large

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Black Stallion BSX Premium 3 TIG welding gloves

Black Stallion is another well-known brand of welding safety products. Being very innovative, the BSX Premium TIG welding gloves come with premium soft grain kidskin on the three active TIG fingers for maximum dexterity.

For longevity, the rest of the gloves is made of durable and temperature resistant cowhide. Of course these gloves are stitched with durable and flame-resistant Kevlar.

BSX Premium 3 Kidskin Finger Cowhide Back TIG Welding Gloves - BT88 LARGE

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Miller Electric 263354 Arc Armor TIG multitask glove

Miller Electric offers some good pieces of comfortable safety equipment here: The gloves palm material is made of premium goatskin. Furthermore, the back material is a mixture of cowhide and goatskin. The gloves length is 10″.

To sum it up, many people say these Miller TIG welding gauntlets are among the best TIG gloves on the market.

Miller 263354 Arc Armor TIG Welding Multitask Glove, Large

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Steiner 0262-L ironflex gloves

If you are looking for professional and comfortable TIG welding gloves, you must not neglect the Steiner Pro-Series. Made of premium grain kidskin these gloves give you excellent protection and dexterity at the same time.

Another plus is, that their design is very attractive.

Steiner 0262-L SPS Ironflex TIG Gloves, Black Premium Grain Kidskin, Brown Reversed Grain Kidskin Back, Adjustable, Large

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5 Top gloves for MIG welding

Lincoln Electric Traditional MIG/Stick gloves

These nicely designed general purpose welding gloves are made of heat and flame-resistant shoulder split cowhide. Moreover, the Kevlar stitches provide superior durability. The glove length is around 13 inches.

Lincoln Electric Traditional MIG/Stick Welding Glove

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Miller 263343 Arc Armor MIG/Stick welding gloves

Miller designs it gloves to fit the natural forms of the hand. Furthermore, these gloves are flame-resistant and provide a length of 13 inches. They are made of cowhide leather and have a fleece/foam lining.

Learn more about Millers welding gloves in the video below:

John Tillman and Co 50L Top Grain Leather MIG

Tillman is another top quality brand for welding gloves. The gloves shown below come with fleece lining for hot and cold environments and a grain cowhide palms.

John Tillman and Co 50L Top Grain Leather MIG Gloves with Split Leather Palm Reinforcements, Split Leather Back, Fleece Lining,...

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Steiner 0235-L Pro-Series MegaMIG

The Steiner 0235 MegaMIG heavyweight grain goatskin & split cowhide welding gloves are cotton lined and have a long cuff, being comfortable and providing protection at the same time.

Moreover, the thumb and palm surfaces are reinforced to avoid wear in those highly stressed areas.

Steiner 0235-L Pro-Series MegaMIG Cotton Lined Heavyweight Grain Goatskin and Split Cowhide Back MIG Welding Gloves with 4.5" Cuff, Large

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Hobart 770639 Premium Form-Fitted MIG Welding Gloves

Hobart 770639 are made of cowhide split and grain leather. They are completely lined with flame-resistant cotton fleece.

Additional air channels provide breathability and cooling for your hand. Of course, the stitching is made with long-lasting and durable Kevlar.

Hobart 770639 Premium Form-Fitted MIG Welding Gloves

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5 Top gloves for Stick welding

US Forge 400

One of the cheapest and best-selling welding gloves on Amazon, sold by US-Forge. They are made of leather and protect against molten metal.

Unfortunately, I could not find further information about the specific materials that were used.

US Forge 400 Welding Gloves Lined Leather, Blue - 14"

Last update was on: June 28, 2024 7:21 am PST
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Black Stallion 320

Professional welding gloves with a good price/performance ratio. For superior wear protection, the gloves are stitched with flame-resistant Kevlar.

Revco BSX Comfort-Lined Cowhide High-Quality Stick Welding Gloves 320 Large

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Tillman 850

Some welders see this as the best gloves on the market. Made of top-grain gold elkskin these welding gloves give you a very comfortable fit and provide longevity. Similar to other products, stitches are made of Kevlar. Additionally, the thumb area is reinforced.

Black Stallion 750

Gloves made of elkskin leather that provides excellent wearing comfort and natural insulation. Quality materials keep your hand safe from sparks and spatter. In addition, Kevlar stitches provide premium wear resistance.

Black Stallion 750 Premium Grain Elkskin Stick Welding Gloves, Large

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Caiman 18785

Being rather expensive, the Caiman 21-inch long gloves are for sure the longest gloves you can see on our list.

These gloves are specially designed for overhead welding (Stick and Plasma). Of course, the Caiman 18785 gloves consist of genuine American deer split palm.

Caiman 1878-5 21-Inch One Size Fits All Genuine American Deerskin Welding Glove with Boarhide Leather Heat Shield and Cuff

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Why do you need welding gloves?

Welding gloves are essential in protecting hands from extreme heat, electrical shock, and infrared/ultraviolet radiation.

They also aid against hand hazards and provide resistance from abrasion. The gloves are typically made of leather or fire-resistant fabrics.

Choosing the correct gloves for welding will make a tremendous difference in welding safety, speed, and ability.

When considering any glove for welding, look for balance of protection and flexibility. In order to weld correctly, moving your hand and providing a good level of dexterity is depended upon the style of welding.

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What materials are used for welding gloves?

Cotton welding gloves

The glove material for welding makes a big difference depending on the size and scope of the welding project. Most gloves are either lined with cotton or cotton mixed with foam.

Cotton-lined gloves maximize dexterity and are designed for moisture absorption. Cotton mixed with foam gloves are great for high and medium Stick welding and is the most popular.

Leather welding gloves

New leather welding gloves

Leather welding gloves

Natural leather is the most desired choice for welding because it dissipates heat, is durable, and is non-conductive. Each leather option provides its individual benefits regarding durability, comfort, heat resistance and weight.

Leather is also used for leather welding jackets.

In general, there are 2 types of leather styles to choose from, grain and split.

Grain is liquid resistant and is more durable.

In contrast, split is cheaper and provides a better grip for oil.

There are many different leather options but only 6 are the most recommended for glove welding and they are:

  • Goatskin
  • Horseskin
  • Pigskin
  • Cowhide
  • Deerskin
  • Elkskin

Learn more about each leather type in the following detailed descriptions:

Goatskin gloves

Goatskin or kidskin is economical and strong. It offers great welding strength and abrasion, but can remain soft.

Moreover, goatskin is denser than cowskin and offers powerful dexterity. The leather is fine-grained and is resistant to water. Thus the flexibility and comfortability of goatskin is what makes it a priority for all welders.

This type of leather works perfectly for TIG welding.

Horseskin gloves

Horseskin is the least popular leather and is tough and durable. The skin comes from either North America or France and is scuff and scratch resistant.

In detail, horseskin is more elastic than cowhide and has a similar texture to deerskin and elkskin. The toughness of horseskin gives it a long life.

No wonder why it’s the preferred leather choice for motorcycle riders.

Pigskin gloves

Pigskin is tough, yet stays soft after getting wet.

This type of leather is known for being oil and weather resistant. Pigskin tends to lean more to the dense side, but has a soft and supple appeal. For religious reasons, some people are not allowed to use pigskin gloves.

It is ideal for TIG, MIG, and Stick welding.

Cowhide gloves


Cowhide is known for its wide range of uses and quality. As you know, it is the most popular leather that offers comfort and durability with a bit of bulk.

Cowhide is usually used in MIG or Stick welding. The texture of cowhide is easy to care for and is water and dirt resistant.

Furthermore, cowhide has 3 different types that come from different parts of the cow:

The first is known as “side” and comes from the side of the cow and is the strongest due to the low muscle fatigue welders encounter with the glove.

The second is known as “select shoulder” and comes from the shoulder of the cow. Even though it is not as strong as the “side”, it is still the best of the shoulder area.

The final type of cowhide is the “standard shoulder” and it is the most economical of all 3 types of cowhide gloves.

Of course, cowhide is the standard when comparing leathers to their comfort, durability, and scuff resistance. Moreover, it is available in multiple colors and finishes. Choose cowhide if you want great texture, appearance, and comfort.

Deerskin gloves

Deerskin is one of the softest leathers. They provide good dexterity and a good feel. Like elkskin, they are very elastic and offer a soft and durable texture.

This type of leather is used in TIG welding and tends to stay soft after getting wet.

Elkskin gloves

Elkskin offers less hand fatigue when welding and won’t harden as fast when exposed to heat. This type of leather is most like deerskin.

Due to the high heat that’s used, elkskin is best used in Stick or MIG welding.

Find out more about the properties of different leather types here at

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Welding gloves – lining

Some leather gloves come with lining, some without. Lining material can be made out of fleece, foam, cotton to wool.

If you are welding in cold areas, you will certainly prefer warm protection gloves with insulating wool linings.

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What are typical welding glove sizes?

measure glove size

Measure glove size

Gloves that are useful for welding come in many sizes. Most start from 2XS and go up to 3XL.

They tend to go up every half inch in size.

To determine your size, you must measure the width of your hand by using your first finger and then going across just below your knuckles.

This will ensure that the glove will fit snug and will be a great fit for the welder.

Find your ideal glove size with the table below:

  • XS: 6″ – 7″
  • S: 7″ – 8″
  • M: 8″ – 9″
  • L: 9″ – 10″
  • XL: 10″ – 11″
  • XXL: 11″ – 12″

Sizing is same, for men’s and women’s gloves.

For your reference, please see below how long a welding glove will approximately look on your arm.

Glove length comparison

Glove length comparison

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How to care for your gloves?

Caring for your gloves is crucial to maintaining the life and longevity of the gloves. Thus, you can clean the leather gloves by using mild soap with cold water and a sponge.

Once the washing is done, pat dry the gloves and leave them in a cool spot with low humidity to air dry.

If the glove does lose its luster, you can always apply a leather-moisturizing product to remoisten it and make it soft and supple again.

Avoid getting the gloves overly wet or storing them in damp areas

Furthermore, there are some general housekeeping rules when taking care of your gloves. For one, avoid getting the gloves overly wet or storing them in damp areas.

Never store the gloves in a closed plastic bag or dry clean them due to their natural oils may be removed. I recommend to carry you welding gloves in a rugged welding backpack.

Read more about leather-care here at

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For which welding processes do you need gloves?

Some people also use welding gloves for BBQ and grill. However, there are 3 different welding processes that are useful for any type of project:

MIG welding

How to MIG weld

How to MIG weld

The first is MIG welding and it joins metal together by using electricity to form an arc between the electric and the metal. This type of welding works well for long runs but is less precise.

With MIG welding there will be more sparks flying and a bigger mess to clean up. Thus, MIG glove padding is very durable and fits looser for welders. The padding helps to protect both hands when welding.

MIG gloves tend to be made from cowhide or pigskin and offer outstanding quality and protection for your whole hand.

Stick welding

Second, there is stick welding. Stick welding is a type of welding that is most used in the construction of heavy steel structures. Of course, it is the most durable and popular style of all welding types. Stick uses the same electricity as MIG to create an arc to fuse metals.

Moreover, stick welding has a lot of heat and sparks but uses the thickest leathers for heat resistance. The Stick welding process is very versatile because it can be performed in multiple areas, including inside and outside.

Preferable workplaces include ships, refineries, and even pipelines. Furthermore, stick welding can be used to weld nickel, aluminum, and copper. But it is most commonly welded for steel, iron, and stainless steel.

Stick welding gloves are often made out of cowhide leather and elkskin leather.

TIG welding

TIG welder welding a pipe

TIG welding

The third welding process where you need welding gloves is Tungsten Inert Gas welding. Because Tungsten Inert Gas welding, or otherwise known as TIG is a very precise and technical style of welding, you need high dexterity.

Thus, TIG gloves are soft and have a thinner material. The fit is snug to allow for precise manipulation of the filler and torch. Also, there is no need for a thicker glove due to TIG welding comes from light and not sparks, unlike MIG or Stick.

In general, most common TIG gloves include goatskin, deerskin, or a fire-resistant fabric.

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Summary: How to choose the right gloves for welding

Welding is a timely process and practice is needed to complete each project accurately.

Of course, welding with safe and comfortable welding gloves is essential for protection, safety, and durability. The best types of gloves combine heat resistance and flexibility for optimal results.

Prices of the gloves typically range from $5 to over $30, depending on the cut and style of the glove.

Moreover, when selecting a glove for welding, always know the process it will take, review the equipment you’ll need to use, determine the hazards of the job, and finally match the glove to the correct job.

Please don’t forget to share your experience with us and leave a short comment below.

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