Top Welding Curtains, Blankets & Umbrellas

Here we show our top welding curtains, welding blankets and welding umbrellas.

Are you looking for protection for you and your equipment? During welding, sparks, spatter and molten material will spread nearly everywhere.

This can damage your equipment and create ugly damages to belongings from other people. But how to avoid it?

Consider professional welding cover!

Welding curtains and welding blankets protect your environment and your equipment safely from these weld sparks, weld spatters and molten material.

Curtains or blankets are not only good for welders but also for excessive grinders.

We also compare quite a lot of alternatives.

Moreover, when you would like to weld without a getting sunburnt, you should prefer a high quality welding umbrella.

Now check out our top list below:

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