Welding Tools

Professional welders and DIY craftsmen need welding tools made for professionals. You agree but you are not sure which welding tools to buy?

This is why we regularly create detailed comparison lists which make it more easy to compare tools and welding gear.

You deserve the best tools which really help you to make a great welding job. Easily create top notch weld seams with superior equipment.

In this category we review the best welding pliers, welding slag hammers, rods, electrodes and other hand- and welding tools.

Please take a look at our articles below!

What Tools for Welding do you really need?

Which welding tools do you need? I'm sitting here in my workshop and wondering, what kind of equipment and tools for welding do you actually need? Among welders, there are so many different opinions about what welding tools and equipment is useful and required. So I did a little research. ...

Welding Rods for Stick Welding – Complete Guide on Electrodes

Recently, I was standing in my workshop wondering which type of welding rod for stick welding you should ideally choose. Welding Rods So I did a recherche. And because I found so much information about welding electrodes, I created this summary. Below I will show you what stick welding is. ...

Top 8 Slag & Chipping Hammers for Welding (2019)

As you probably know, every welder needs a slag or chipping hammer to remove slag from the weld seam. A friend of mine showed me his brand-new slag hammer, and I was impressed how good it works compared to my old chipping hammer. So I started a detailed recherche on slag hammers and created this ...

Top 5 Best Welding Pliers – Review 2019

As I always say to my buddy, top welding pliers are welding tools no professional welder should be missing. Why? Well, I will show you what tasks you can do with welding pliers - sometimes also called welper - and give you a list of the best welding pliers. So let's begin. As you certainly ...

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