Lincoln Electric Weld Pak 125 HD Wire-Feed Welder – Review 2019

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Recently, I took a look at the Lincoln Electric Weld Pak 125 HD wire-feed welder and created this summary for you guys. I even added a video in the mid-section of this post.

But first things first.

Some people say, the Lincoln Electric Weld PAK 125 HD wire-feed welder is Lincolns answer for all entry-level welders who are looking for lower output currents at an affordable price.

With an amperage range from 30 up to 125 amps, the Weld Pak 125 HD is a light to medium-duty flux-cored wire-feed welder. It is suited for hobbyists and average welders who need to weld steel up to a thickness of 5/16 inch.

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Lincoln Electric Weld Pak 125 HD Wire-Feed Welder

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Technical specifications

Lincoln Weld Pak 125HD
Lincoln Weld Pak 125HD controls

The Weld-Pak 125HD (Lincoln product code K2513-1) is a 125 V wire-feed welder for flux-cored wire welding. Thanks to its low weight of 49 lb it is a portable machine that is capable of typical steel welding tasks.

With its output current of 30 A up to 125 A, it provides enough power for most welding tasks around the house and smaller repair works.

Product features

In detail, it has the following specifications:

  • Duty cycle 20% @ 90 A (19 VDC) (= 2 minutes welding, 8 minutes resting when welding with 90 A rated power)
  • Input voltage: 120VAC ( 20 amps)
  • Output welding current range: 30 A – 125 A
  • Infinite wire feed speed control 50 – 500 IPM (inch per minute)
  • Voltage control with 4 different positions (A, B, C, D)
  • Capable of 0.030″ and 0.035″ wire diameter
  • Weight: 49 lb (22.5 kg)


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The machine comes with a welding gun that has a gasless nozzle. Of course, a ground clamp that is attached to a 10 ft. cable and 3 pieces of 0.035″ contact tips are also included.

Something I like is that the Weld Pak 125HD does also have a storage chamber for all welding tips and nozzles.

Lincoln Electric Weld Pak 125 HD Wire-Feed Welder

1 used from $400.00
Free shipping
Last price update as of March 9, 2019 6:20 am PST *Affiliate Disclosure / More Information
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Weld Pak 125HD – welding performance

The Lincoln Weld Pak 125HD welds steel up a thickness of 12 Ga. in single-pass welding and up to 5/6″ in multi-pass welding.

The Weld Pak 125HD welds steel with a thickness of up to 12 Ga. in single pass and up to 5/16 inch thick steel in multiple pass.

The welding gun works as usual: Depress the trigger on the gun to activate the wire drive, start welding. Release the trigger when you would like to stop welding.

But just operating the machine is not everything. As you certainly know, to make a good weld seam you also need the right machine settings.

If you are not sure about the correct machine parameters, just take a look at the parameters chart that Lincoln provides with the machine.

You can find the parameters chart, when you lift the door to the wire feed. The chart inside the door gives you all the settings you need:

Depending on your weld-wire diameter and the thickness of your steel sheet, it shows you which feed speed and voltage level to choose.

As mentioned in the beginning you can now take a peek in the following video to get a better impression of the quality and features of the welding machine.

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Lincoln Weld-Pak 125HD – video review

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Lincoln Electric Weld Pak 125 HD – pros and cons

Because of the low weight of only 49 lb, it is not a machine that you can only move around on rollers but actually carry it. It does come with Lincolns smooth arc start feature that creates minimal spatters. Thanks to the brass-to-brass gun you will have an excellent conductivity on the tip.

But of course, if you prefer to have a cart, Lincoln also offers a cart for the Weld Pak 125 HD welding machine here on

In contrast to other cheap wire fed welders the Weld Pak 125HD comes with robust cast aluminium drive gears that provide longevity and quiet operation.

On the downside, this welder can only be used with standard 120 V wall outlet and not with more powerful 230 V. Moreover, it is not prepared for MIG welding and it’s not possible to weld stainless steel or Aluminum.

Once again, I’d like to emphasize, that the machine is capable of flux cored welding (FCAW) of steel only.

  • Smooth arc starts with minimal spatter
  • 30-125 amp is sufficient for most welding tasks
  • Brass-to-brass gun connection for good conductivity
  • Cast aluminum gear drive for quiet operation and longevity

  • Capable of 120 V wall outlet only
  • Only flux-cored welding possible (No MIG welding)
  • No aluminum or stainless steel welding

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Lincoln Weld Pak 125HD – Summary

If you are a beginner, the Lincoln Weld Pak 125HD could be a real workhorse for you. With a maximum power of 125 amps, this welding machine is ideal for light duty operations like workshop, farm repair and home use.

In combination with an engine driven welder-generator, you can also use this portable welder off the power grid.

This flux-cored welder definitely is an entry-level machine at an affordable price.

As always, make sure to wear proper protective clothing when welding.

Lincoln Electric Weld Pak 125 HD Wire-Feed Welder

1 used from $400.00
Free shipping
Last price update as of March 9, 2019 6:20 am PST *Affiliate Disclosure / More Information

Now it is your turn. What do you think about the Weld Pak 125HD?

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7.5 Total Score
Good price performance ratio.

With a weld power of 30-125 amps the Lincoln Weld Pak 125HD is an entry-level machine at an affordable price.

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