Lincoln Electric Weld Pak 125 HD Wire-Feed Welder – Review 2018

The Lincoln Electric Weld PAK 125 HD wire-feed welder is Lincolns answer for all entry-level welders who are looking for lower output currents at an affordable price.

With an amperage range from 30 up to 125 amps, the Weld Pak 125 HD is a light to medium-duty flux-cored wire-feed welder. It is suited for hobbyists and average welders who need to weld steel up to 5/16 inch.

The Lincoln Electric Weld Pak 125 HD is a wire-feed MIG welder capable of flux-cored wire welding.

Lincoln Electric Weld Pak 125 HD Wire-Feed Welder

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  • Plugs into household 115V outlet, 30-125 Amp welding output range
  • Weld up to 5/16 in. mild steel flux-cored wire without gas
  • Portable, lightweight and easy to use

Lincoln Weld-Pak 125HD – video review

Take a peek at the following video to get a better impression of the quality and features of the device.

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Technical specifications

Lincoln Weld Pak 125HD

Lincoln Weld Pak 125HD controls

The Weld-Pak 125HD (Product K2513-1) is a 125 V wire-feed welder for flux-cored wire welding. It is a lightweight, portable machine for typical steel welding.

With its output current of 30 A – 125 A, it provides enough power for most welding tasks around the house and smaller repair works.

Product features

In detail, it has the following specifications:

  • Duty cycle 20% @ 90 A (19 VDC) (= 2 minutes welding, 8 minutes resting when welding with 90 A rated power)
  • Input voltage: 120VAC ( 20 amps)
  • Output welding current range: 30 A – 125 A
  • Infinite wire feed speed control 50 – 500 IPM (inch per minute)
  • Voltage control with 4 different positions (A, B, C, D)
  • Weight: 49 lb (22.5 kg)


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Weld Pak 125HD – welding performance

When you lift the door to the wire feed, there is a chart inside the door that tells you which settings you need to choose. Depending on your weld-wire diameter and the thickness of your steel sheet it tells you which feed speed and voltage level to choose. Additionally, there is also a storage chamber for your tips and nozzles inside.

The Weld Pak 125HD welds steel with a thickness of 20 Ga up to 12 Ga. in single pass and up to 5/16 inch thick steel in multiple pass.

The machine is capable of flux cored welding (FCAW) of steel.

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Lincoln Weld Pak 125HD – pros and cons


  • Smooth arc starts with minimal spatter
  • 30-125 amp is sufficient for most welding tasks
  • Brass-to-brass gun connection for good conductivity
  • Cast aluminum gear drive for quiet operation and longevity


On the downside, this welder can only be used with 230 V power and not with standard 110 V wall outlet. Because of the high weight of 185 lb, it is quite a heavy machine that you can only move around because it comes premounted on rollers.

  • Only flux-cored welding possible (No MIG welding)
  • No aluminum or stainless steel welding
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Lincoln Weld Pak 125HD – Summary

The Weld Pak 125HD is a real workhorse, because it is well suited for shop, farm and home use.

With a welding power of 30-125 amps, it is an entry-level machine at an affordable price.

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7.5 Total Score
Good price performance ratio.

With a weld power of 30-125 amps the Lincoln Weld Pak 125HD is an entry-level machine at an affordable price.

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