6 Best Welding Blanket Alternative: Welding Curtains & Screens

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As you know, a welding blanket is not always the best solution for your weld works. If you are a welder who prefers a safe welding environment, investing in a welding blanket alternative is one of the considerations you should make.

welding blanket alternative: welding curtain

Welding curtain

However, as an alternative for welding blankets, many welding curtains and welding screens are cheap in quality or don’t fit your personal needs.

So if you want to have good working experience and useful equipment, it’s important to make sure you get a welding curtain that is designed for the job.

So whether you are welding on a construction site or inside your garage, you will need welding equipment that is specially designed for welding.

How to choose a welding curtain that suits you best?

Generally speaking, a welding curtain should protect your environment, your equipment and other persons from weld spatter, weld sparks and grinding sparks.

Unfortunately, the vast amount of curtains and screens on the market only complicates the decision-making process. Particularly for those who are not sure what features are essential for a helpful welding curtain or screen.

And sometimes it is hard to find a welding curtain that has all the features that you are looking for your welding blanket alternative.

But let’s try to help you to find the best welding screen for your needs.

Basic functionalities your welding curtain should have

Your welding curtain should at least have resistance to high temperatures from welding sparks and spatters. Moreover, you should think about UV resistance, transparency and optimal protection against the high-intensity arc light.

Last but not least you need to think about the way on how you want to mount or hang your welding curtain:

How to install a welding curtain?

Welding curtains with grommets



If you choose a curtain as your welding blanket alternative, you need to hang your curtain somehow.

In general, welding curtains can come with grommets or without grommets. If you want to hang them with a string you should consider welding curtains that have grommets already premounted.

Welding screens with frames

weld screen with frame

weld screen with frame

A straightforward way to mount your curtain is also a frame. Welding frames can vary in size and robustness.

Some welding curtains come already in a set with a solid frame. You can be sure that the included curtain will fit the frame.

If you buy frame and curtain separately, please make sure the size of your welding frame fits the size of your welding curtain.

Furthermore, you can decide between transparent welding screens and opaque welding screens:

Transparent vs. opaque welding screens

If you choose a transparent welding screen, light can get through, and you can also see through the curtain.
In contrast, an opaque welding screen does not let light come through, and you might need additional working lights.

Now let’s take a look at the curtain arrangement:

Single versus multiple curtains

Portable welding curtains can come in single or multiple screen arrangements. If you need to protect a wider area or a complete surrounding you should go for the multiple curtains.

Usually, 2, 3 or 4 screens are joined together to a multi-arrangement curtain. The resulting number of curtains leads to our next topic:

Welding blanket alternatives – Weight and size?

Before you choose a welding curtain, you should think about applicable weight and size. Usually, the better the protection class the thicker the curtain ,and the higher the weight of your curtain will be.

But with thickness and weight, also the package dimensions will increase.

For portable welding curtains, you should consider maximum sizes and allowed weight for easy transportation.

Now let’s move on and take a look at our review of some of the best welding curtains and screens on the market.

VIZ-PRO red vinyl welding curtain with frame

The VIZ pro welding curtain with a frame is a pretty good welding blanket alternative.

VIZ-PRO Red Vinyl Welding Curtain / Welding Screen With Frame, 6' x 6'

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Last price update as of March 2, 2019 6:05 am PST *Affiliate Disclosure / More Information
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Steiner Protect-O-Screen HD welding curtain with window

As a leading manufacturer and supplier of industrial clothing and safety products, Steiner produces some good pieces of welding curtains.

Steiner Protect-O-Screen HD Weld-View 16-Ounce Curtain with ArcView Flame Retardant Orange Tinted Viewing Window with Cover Flap, Red, 6' x...

Last price update as of March 2, 2019 6:05 am PST *Affiliate Disclosure / More Information
$107.95 $116.30
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Steiner Protect-O-Screen welding curtain

Another welding screen by Steiner.

Steiner Protect-O-Screen Classic Welding Screen with Flame Retardant 14 Mil Tinted Transparent Vinyl Curtain, Orange, 6' x 8'

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Last price update as of March 2, 2019 6:05 am PST *Affiliate Disclosure / More Information
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Tillman 3 Panel Blue Vinyl welding curtain with frame

Welding screens sold by Tillman provide advanced protection against weld sparks and spatters.

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Black Stallion Quick Frame Shade 8

With over 43 years of manufacturing experience, Black Stallion is a market leader in high-quality welding supplies.

Easy setup and installation of your portable welding screen. Take a look at the video below to see how Black Stallion’s Quick Frame technology works.

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Tillman 6′ X 8′ Orange Vinyl Replacement Welding Curtain

If you don’t need a frame this replacement curtain with grommets could be your first choice.

Tillman 603R68 6' X 8' Orange Vinyl Replacement Welding Curtain

Last price update as of March 2, 2019 6:05 am PST *Affiliate Disclosure / More Information

Of course, you should also invest in rugged protection clothing like a welding helmet, leather jacket, and welding gloves.

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